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Company Information

SDB Asset Management Sdn Bhd (“SDBAM”) (previously known as Suria Asset Management Sdn Bhd) is an asset management company licensed under Section 58 of the Capital Markets And Services Act 2007 to provide fund management services. Our services are provided primarily to institutional clients and high net-worth individuals. Currently, SDBAM is the only licensed asset management company based in Sabah.

SDBAM, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sabah Development Bank Berhad (“SDB”), was incorporated on 29 August 1995 and as at 30 June 2019, it has a paid-up capital of RM6.23 million and an authorized capital of RM10 million. Since SDB is under the purview of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) of Sabah, SDBAM is effectively operating under the flagship of the state government.


We have the combined experience and expertise to manage your portfolio professionally. We have time and access to investment facilities to closely monitor your portfolio for the best results based on the prevailing market and economic environment. Our strategic alliances with global market players allow us to bring the world to you.


  • Disciplined application of investment methodologies using Quantitative, Qualitative and Price Analysis
  • The analysis process identifies best investment candidates, products or markets and eliminates the weakest candidates
  • Our investment success is based on processes that can be replicated and is team driven
  • Leading edge risk management and portfolio allocation systems allow us to assess various scenarios before recommended trades are made
  • Detailed research analysis in an integral component of our investment platforms
  • Strategic alliances with global market players (in various investment related fields) allow us to streamline product development cycles in targeting better returns
  • Our teams of investment professionals make incisive analysis and take a global outlook while capitalizing on domestic opportunities
  • Performance returns are driven by applying excellent corporate governance standards